Open Maritime IoT - SmartMyBoat

Navigate the sea smartly

Welcome to SmartMyBoat. Project first started in 2015 when our project manager wanted to make his sailing experience better by making his boat “smarter”. Project as such can be beneficial to others as it largely open source and therefore adaptable.

Design is pretty simple, we developed REST API embedded in MCU that returns JSON formatted data from our SmartMyBoat hardware. On top of that our Sailduino Application uses this data to display it on a chartplotter.

Solution is currently Beta as we are testing it in on a sailboat in Port St Lucie area, Florida.


  • Arduino Mega as MCUs
  • GPS Module
  • Ethernet Module
  • Weather Module [ Barometric pressure, Temperature & Humidity]
  • Wind Speed Module
  • Wind Direction Module
  • Network Router



Sailduino is using open source MAP application inside. That means that you can write your own additions to the software, or to build your own from scratch using our API.

  • 2 Visual Modes Compact and Full
  • World / USA metrics selection
  • Responsive from 1200px up
  • Maps [it can display various open source maps that you can download]
  • Maps overlay [you can add as many overlays as you want, like parsed NOAA charts over main map]
  • Enhanced boat marker on map, that shows wind direction and heading
  • Add Way-Point [display distance, heading]
  • Remove Way-Point
  • Visual presentation of main Gauges [Water Level, Water Temperature, Oil Temperature, Engine Temperature, Battery, Temperature, Humidity, Barometric Pressure, Wind Speed, Wind Direction, Depth in development] 
  • Visual presentation of GPS data and Way-Point data when available
  • Analog and GPS data received indicators
  • Visual and Audio alerts, when critical level of water, oil or temperature.
  • Your weather history with charts. To help you predict weather on your own.
  • History view [Shows your earlier positions on map with markers. On click you get all the needed info about that point]
  • Debug [shows system messages]
  • Windows or MacOS

In development

Creation of a chatbot agent to serve for voice communication with a boat is well under way.

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